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Partnerships – Across The Globe – To End Human Trafficking

What We Do

We discover, develop and deploy innovation and technologies that solves issues that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, building global collaborations. We prioritize the protection of vulnerable populations, particularly children, enabling prosecution of crimes and preventing the spread of harm.

We work with some of the most exciting and innovative businesses in fintech, cybersecurity, blockchain, AI and crypto.

Trusted Partners

Building a kinder world takes expertise, determination and sufficient funds to make an impact.

Human Trafficking is a global $150 billion dollar business.
Only another billion dollar business can stop it.

We identify companies like yours with amazing technologies and together we fight against modern slavery. 

Your business might not be addressing complex social issues yet. Our team is here to accompany you and your team on the Innovation For Good journey.


Push-Pull Factors of Human-Trafficking

Competing On Equal Footing

The factors involved in the Human Trafficking industry are numerous. Each factor intersects and overlaps, supports and undermines each other.

Our technologies are able to work with complex data sets and identify patterns that can help tackle one by one, the push-pull factors of human trafficking, making it harder for traffickers to work and nearly impossible for vulnerable populations to fall into modern slavery. We believe it is possible to end human trafficking and we are challenging the tech industry every day to join the movement.

A new cohort of CEOs and leaders is emerging. Like us, they believe in our vision: Humanity before profit. 

Our mission and vision are often shared by tech professional and CEOs and while they are driving their business toward success, they rely on Innovation For Good to develop and deploy their technologies to help our humanitarian projects.

Jax harrison picture

Jax Harrison

Founder and CEO of Innovation For Good Inc. and Stop Child Traffic. Jax stands at the intersection of where technology meets the human need and is focused on using technology and Innovation for Good to prevent harm to civil society. Innovation for Good Inc is focused on technologies such as AI, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Digital Identity, FinTech, and Intelligence Gathering to prevent Online Harm and Offline Harms with a focus on vulnerable populations and child and human trafficking. Jax speaks regularly across the globe on these topics.

Jax is an experienced board member with the capacity to develop technology strategy, and how to apply existing technology and innovation to solve the big human needs with a focus on how the investment in prevention of harm saves both lives while providing a return on investment to society. She believes like the UN that Gender Equity and Generational Wealth Building enable vulnerable women to remove themselves from violent situations.

The Team

Giles Watkins

Giles is a highly experienced Board Member with a strong Entrepreneurial and Professional Services background. Deep credentials in Mergers & Acquisitions, Finance and Accounting, Technology Strategy, Risk Management, Privacy, Digital Identity and Cyber Security across multiple sectors and geographies. Currently working with early stage businesses to commercialise ground breaking technologies.

John Philpin portrait.

John Philpin

John Philpin worked in CXO suites in the heart of Silicon Valley for most of his career, developing, selling and marketing complex solutions to large enterprises and government across the world, most recently leading the sale of a public company, where he was CEO.

Tom Foale

Tom is a highly experienced entrepreneur, problem solver and security architect with deep expertise in cybersecurity and rapid response to threat situations. Tom’s experience in return on investment based risk analysis, zero trust networking and GDPR compliance along with his knowledge of current and future threats to organizations helps to inform us.

Carrie Nikitin

5 times CEO with two successful exits, serial investor, advisor in the health/wellness, tech and energy spaces,  Carrie also sits on several boards of both investment organizations and startups.  

Zach Hunter

A 'brilliant social entrepreneur' according to NYT's Nick Kristof, Zach began working when he was 12 as the founder of an international, anti-trafficking campaign. 5 times CMO and still found time to write 3 books for a Harper Collins imprint, spoke at the White House twice, and received a CNN Hero Award before the age of 18.​

Portrait Neila Romdane UX designer

Neila Romdane

10 years as a marketing strategist, managing projects both in the private and third sector. Neila changed career to build meaningful, inclusive and ethical product. She's now part of the strategy and design team at Innovation For Good Inc. working with our partners to build internal project using their technology to do good.

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Innovation for Good Inc. supports 

Together we are working to protect and prevent women and children from being trafficked. Stop Child Traffic focuses on prevention and crime-fighting through the power of education, innovation and technology, while we focus on discovering, developing and deploying innovative technologies and creating partnerships.